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About Shopping Sense

Shopping Sense provides a service that goes beyond price comparison - by making it easy to compare other relevant attributes - to simplify the search for the product that best fits your needs and budget.

Currently, Shopping Sense indexes prices together with product information of several thousand products from key online retailers and aggregates this information in a single place, removing the need to load several and attempt to compare product attributes between the websites of multiple vendors.

By providing easy-to-use price history information for the products, Shopping Sense makes it easy to know if a 'bargain' is in fact a bargain! Want to know if that large price drop is just the result of an equally large price hike yesterday? Use your Shopping Sense!

Shopping Sense is still under active development to increase the number of categories and completeness of product coverage and attributes that we aim to provide. The most well-developed categories are in the area of computer hardware, for example laptops, GPUs, and Hard drives and SSDs. We are in the process of adding more product categories such as white-goods and home electronics, and will launch these when the information in each category is of sufficient quality.


While we strive to make the information as accurate as possible, there may still exist omissions and inaccuracies. Shopping Sense does not make any guarantees about the information, and it is the responsibility of the user to ensure the properties are as they expect, for example by consulting the manufacturer or retailer website before deciding on a purchase.

Shopping Sense only acts as a service for finding and comparing products and has no direct relationship with the retailers.